Let’s just skip the introductions and get up to speed on this season shall we?

I’ve finally had enough of simply reading/commenting on other ani-blogs, so I finally decided to dip my toes into the blogosphere ocean for the first time. Let’s all hope that I don’t embarrass myself too much.

Anyhow, regarding this season, I must say I’m very much pleased with the batch thrown at us this time around. Before this season got started, I was ready to label 2013 as an extremely shitty year. Winter was especially bad, essentially dropped the whole season asides from Maoyu and Senran Kagura, both of which failed to live up to my expectations (seriously, Senran Kagura was lacking in the fanservice department). Only titles I liked at all from the first half of the year that I can remember were The Flowers of Evil,The Eccentric Family, Attack on Titan and Watamote (rated 7, 7, 6 and 6 out of 10 respectively so I didn’t  quite love any of ’em). Anyway, enough of that shit, I’ve ordered stuff from this season from the ones love most to the ones I dislike most (dropped stuff isn’t any particular order). Let’s get started.

Shows that are Legit

.  1. Kyousogiga 

This is one title that isn’t exactly easy for one to fully wrap their head around. I myself watched all the ONAs, hoping to prepare myself for what was to come, yet still found myself floored at first. After reading through some synopsis’s I found online, and re-watching a few episodes, I’ve got a much better grasp on the series so far, and what a series it’s been. The characters here so far have been getting plenty of individual characterization and development, and it makes the watching experience richer and more entertaining because of it .So far, I must say I’m liking this eccentric family more than the one in The Eccentric Family. If you skip the ONAs, then don’t be put off by the rather the jarring episode 0, the show makes more sense then it probably get’s credit for. Lastly, little Koto is just adorable ain’t she?

2. Samurai Flamenco

Having recently read a couple of the Kick-Ass graphic novels (and having seen the first movie too) I can see why the comparisons are a bit tough to shake here. However, while I dug Kick-Ass mainly for the over-the-top violence and juvenile humor, Samurai Flamenco has a bit more of a mature approach I dig as well.  I especially like how the show’s been changing its own dynamic bit-by-bit as it introduces new characters who have their own idea of how a hero should operate. Also, this is manages to be an idol show too. . This show’s got my favorite OP of the season by the way.

3. Kill la Kill

This series surprised me quite a bit here. Not with the level of fun, that’s been exactly on par with what I’ve been hoping for. Instead, this show’s been a bit more plotty then I would’ve expected from a show that shares this many parallels with Revolutionary Girl Utena. Instead of going for a completely episodic points, here we plenty of interesting plot points/questions regarding the nature of these blood suckin’ kamui things and this “Nudist Beach” that was referred to in episode 5. Not exactly the “Club President of the Week” formula I’d been expecting, but the show is no less fun for it. One thing that worries me a bit is the whole concept of being proud of immodest clothing=female empowerment. Not totally sold on that idea, but I’ll just let the feminists worry about that and have fun for now.

4. Hajime no Ippo: Rising

To tell the truth, I was planning on catching up on Ippo, Magi, and Kuroko for this season. however, I ended up getting hooked on Ippo and forgot about the other two entirely. As a result, I downed over a hundred episodes in less then a month. Regarding the current season, well, it began at a bit of a low point. Ippo’s matches, while often good, are usually outdone by matches with other characters (hence why I enjoyed New Challenger more then the first season, even though the first season picked up in it’s second half), he’s a decent character, but not as fun as or interesting as his fellow boxers. What we got here was not only an Ippo match, but one that skipped almost all the pre-fight hype that usually gets me jazzed before the bell even rings. Fortunately, the next arc’s been a big step up since Aoki is way overdue for his time in the spotlight. So yeah, Ippo’s back and it’s doing it’s usual thing pretty much. Great.

5. Teekyuu

Zany, mile-a-minute comedy that didn’t take long at all to grow one me. Never gonna forget the morning were I marathoned over 20 episodes of this. Never change Teekyuu. Never change.

Still watching these ones for some reason

6.  Valvrave the Liberator 2

Compared to the first season, this new Valvrave is far less annoying. It probably has much to do with the annoying school aspects being tossed out the window. It also helps that I had no expectations going in this time around (I don’t know why I thought the first would be any good, must’ve been before I realized mecha isn’t really my thing). The fact remains that I still don’t give a lick about any of the characters, or the plot. The only thing this show’s got going for it is the occasional and funny shock factor. Thankfully there’s plenty of it

Stuff that I’m still watching for some reason

7. Galilei Donna

Writing about this one is a bit tough since this turned out to to be the most “meh” show of the season. First couple episodes before the girls set off we’re fine, everything else has been pretty dull or just bad. That 4th episode is especially, how the hell do you expect me to believe that a little loli could fall the length of a multiple story building, bounce off a bunch of cars and survive without being completely mangled? Also didn’t like the direction the show to Kazuki’s character, having her get all moody for essentially nothing, then having her change her tune in the heat of the moment was predictable and reeked of cheese. So yeah, I’m still holding out for this one though, this could be just a temporary set-back after all. I can imagine myself forgetting about this show completely if it doesn’t turn around soon.

8. Coppelion

While Galilei Donna may yet have a shot at being decent, here’s one show that me and a whole bunch of other folks over the internet are confident in writing off as complete garbage. Coppelion hurt me, a lot. I was honestly expecting this show to be kickin’ it with the best of this season after a first episode that did a good job of setting a post-appocalyptic table. As early as episode 2 does the show treat us to terribly forced drama. I could go at length about the infamous “B2 Bomber” but that BS has been called out in ways I can’t really add to. Stupid, stupid writing. The character department is by far the most problematic thing about this series. What we have here is a Mary Sue, and her useless cohorts whose only skills seem to consist of yelling their senpai’s name ad nauseam. Doesn’t help that they cry at the drop of hat. I guess mental conditioning wasn’t a part of the training given to the beings created to support humanity in it’s darkest hour. Of course I can’t forget Aoi’s retarded outbursts in episode 5, what happened? Were all the Ritalin factories wiped out too?Oh well Coppelion, at least you still have the ED of the season.


Outbreak Company

Otaku comedy/fantasy tropes don’t really do much for me, I liked the Kaiji reference, but asides from that I can’t see myself getting into this kind of humor.

Golden Time

This show did improve somewhat in it’s second episode, afterwards though, I kinda forgot it even exists for a couple weeks. That’s a pretty good sign that I should probably cut this loose.

Log Horizon

Only thing that caught my interest in the first episode was the admittedly cool opening. I’ve never seen a character respond to finding out their trapped in a game in such a boring way. To me this came off as a version of .hack//SIGN with lame comedy. Moving on!

Wanna be the Strongest in the World!

I can take the occasional fanservice schlock every now and then (I did finish Senran Kagura after all), but the excessive moaning made the first episode unbearable. Based off what I’ve read, it doesn’t get any better in that regard.


These Demon/Hero shows need to stop, seriously. I dug Maou-sama and Maoyu at first, but the former got stale quickly (the new characters didn’t help) and Maoyu just sucked at romance. Yusibu was terrible right off the bat though, so at least I’m not getting suckered into watching crap again.

Strike the Blood

Shakugan no Shana with vampires? Pass. This really didn’t come off as anything other then the milquetoast LN adaptations I’ve been trying to avoid lately. Not my thing

Dropped, but might get another shot soon

Nagi no Asukara

This is one show that I probably should’ve given a better shot. Something about the pilot episode didn’t quite click with me, but I’d be hard pressed to point out why exactly. This one is more “on hold” rather then straight up dropped. Would’ve definitely watched more had this season been less awesome. It’s got some stuff going for it, setting wise it’s pretty interesting with the fish folks and what not, still, my watch list is pretty packed, so I’ll wait till I hear I a favorable verdict before I dip my toes into these waters again.

Kyoukai no Kanata

I must say I initially enjoyed the supernatural setting here, and the fight scenes are something to behold. Unfortunately me and Kyoani SOL are like oil and water so I stopped halfway into episode 2 and never got back to it. Seriously considering picking this one back up after hearing a lot about the show picking in episode 4.

Regarding Yozakura Quartet, I decided to check out the original TV series from 08 first. I’ll get to the new one afterwards. But the version I’m watching has been pretty dull so far. I also didn’t have the time to check out Yowamushi Pedal, Noucome, or Meganebu. Oh well, still getting used to my College student schedule guys.

Oh yeah, Miss Monochrome is decent

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