12 Days of Anime Day 11: Hajime-ssu! ^v^


That’s right, this bitch

Of all the things that stood out most about Gatchaman Crowds, I’m quite sure we can all agree that this….being comes to mind first. There’s certainly a lot of reasons to get turned off by this indomitable ball of genki, like, well. the fact that she’s indomitable ball of genki. I also get the concerns folks have with a having a main character whose essentially right in everything she does and influences everyone around because of her. Sounds all very Mary Sueish right? Toss in her high-pitched squeals, a notebook fetish and the fact that she’s always aloof and doesn’t really give a damn about anything and you have a truly annoying centrepiece to a series, amirite?


If anything, what bugged me about the show was the fact that it’s tone kept me from me from taking any of it’s themes seriously,  what’s worse is the amount of cool sentai action-less interesting stuff was thrown out of whack by focusing on said themes. All that and the fact it’s got an ending that’s weak and rushed (who the hell thought it was a good idea to throw in a recap in the penultimate episode?), worst ending this year barring Flowers of Evil.

I honestly not totally sure how to properly explain my stance on this chick, maybe it’s the fact that her tone of voice always cracks me up? The fact that she always ends her sentences with -ssu? That weird ass :> smile? The tacky looking skirt? Yep, and I always got a good chuckle out of seeing her react to everything with COOL! or HOW CUUUUTE!

So yeah, cool gimmick character. However I did mention how the fact that I couldn’t take anything too seriously in this show too seriously, and yeah that’s really her fault. Most of the development of the entire cast linked directly to her, and thus was the direction of the plot. Having a serious back-drop and a comedic centre was a bit of a set-back since it sort of undermines the gravity of the situations. Ah well, at least I kinda enjoyed that undermining. There ain’t really much else to say but to conclude that having a retarded loli main didn’t kill the show for me, but at the same time (along with a few other things), kept the show from hitting higher heights.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime Day 11: Hajime-ssu! ^v^

  1. I totally agree about that ending. Not to mention how in the end gender identities seemed to be once more attractions rather than respectably presented aspects of the characters. Plus our gay died without any mention/attention again! And the troll lives in Hajime’s bossom? Come again? I can’t imagine the series’ second season…

    • The part with OD enraged me most, I always dug the heartfelt speeches he had. How no one had anything to say about his sacrifice about his sacrifice is beyond me.

      I’m not as opposed to a second season to Gatchaman Crowds as I should be to tell the truth, perhaps it just seems like a good idea in comparison to slapping on more episodes of Psycho-Pass and Gargantia? idk

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