12 Days of Anime 10: Big Shiny Ass-pull‏


Since this is a post on the last episode, I guess I spoiler warning is in order.

Most common reactions I’ve seen regarding this show were either that half 1 was good and half 2 sucks, or vice-versa. With me though, I was never really to crazy about the show, but I would say that I prefer the second half since it didn’t have 3 dudes psychoanalyzing each other for four episodes. That said, even though I dig the second half’s attempt at not taking everything with such a self-serious tone, this was the low point of the show for me. The last episode confrontation between Hanemura and The Tree of Genesis was probably one of the biggest let-downs of the year, especially compared to the other Fall carry overs (Shin Sekai Yori, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure were great and Psycho-Pass was alright I guess) all of which had solid finishes and raised the bar too high for what Tempest had to offer. This though, this felt as if the writers were running low on ideas. Having Hanemura do battle against the Tree of Genesis, lose, almost give up an die, and then have a giant glowy Sword of Exodus pop up and kill the Tree of Genesis for him? Smells Deus ex Machiny don’t it? Still, I can’t say I begrudge the ending to this too much since everything after that point was reasonably well done, with resolution of the characters staying very much true to the show’s themes. But my point stands, and that’s that the grand spectacle wasn’t all that I was expecting 😦


Oh and of course I didn’t forget about this from episode 23, pretty annoying way to force a cliff hanger considering he was only grazed in the arm by that bullet. Screw red herrings.

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