12 Days of Anime Day 9: The Molerat Messiah


Sadly, despite how much I was able to appreciate Shin Sekai Yori, I haven’t done as good a job of committing it to memory as I would’ve liked, so bear with me of my interpretation of this scene is a little skewed. Still this was one scene that did a damn good job sticking. Ending spoilers again.Squealer definitely made for one of the most (probably the most) interesting antagonist from a more thematic perspective. For the majority acted as a miserable fleshy lump who desired no less then the total annihilation of humanity, but he still managed to become a pretty sympathetic lump. Then came this trial were Squealer reveals that he sees himself and his kind no differently then any human. Of course, the episode would later reveal that queerats really were people, just the losers that weren’t born with cantus and had were infused with molerat DNA (the system is just fucked like that). From that, the entire conflict of the show shifted from being between evil molerat freaks and psychic people, to oppressed, uglies and the pompous psychics. Seeing the cruelty of the normals at display here really makes me wonder if the world is really better off under the rule of the status quo (I mean, sentencing someone to Eternal Hell isn’t very nice to say the least). I can’t help but wonder if under the rule of Squealer the world would’ve been better of. I mean sure, the current generation has nice folks like Saki and Satoru, but whose to say that the next generation, and the next won’t keep up the fucked up ways of the present?

Shinsekai Yori, you might’ve pulled the wool over the eyes of some, tricking people into thinking this a happy ending by giving Saki and Satoru a satisfying resolution. Not me. Someone has to speak for the queerats now that Squealer’s gone.


3 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime Day 9: The Molerat Messiah

  1. “A speaker for the queerats”. I don’t know if that’s an intentional Ender’s game reference or not, but either way there’s something to it.

    And yeah, this was a great anime moment. I didn’t remember it had happened in 2013 though.

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