12 Days of Anime 8: Life’s Shit (Until You Turn 30, When it’s Even Worse Then Shit)


The best cringe-worthy anime comedy of the year is not Watamote, accept it!

One type of comedy that I’m especially partial to are the ones that include characters who both fell way short of success and end up in a variety of funny/sometimes relatable situations (which is why I consider Welcome to the NHK to be one of my favorite anime, and why I think George was the best Seinfeld character). With Turning Girls, you’ve got a micro sitcom about a quartet of late twentysomething nobodies trying to make the best of their young adulthood (which ends the second you turn 30 apparently). In about 30 something minutes worth of time the nice folks at Anime Bancho shoved in enough schadenfreude for a cruel jerk like me to get a kick out of.

If I had to pick out an episode as my favorite, it’d be the one in which Kaerun’s attempts to live out here idol dreams by live streaming to a small internet crowd. However, her mom barges in and gives her a tongue lashing for never doing anything productive with her life. This results in an explosion of troll viewers who just want to see how much more she can embarrass herself. The real fun comes with seeing crack under the undue pressure of judgmental eyes while she tries to keep her composure. I don’t know man, there’s just something about the smell of smouldering dreams that I like.

Kaerun is the bestest Turning Girl and I will not hear a thing to the contrary.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime 8: Life’s Shit (Until You Turn 30, When it’s Even Worse Then Shit)

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