12 Days of Anime Day 6: Ha-na-ga-sai-tai-yo….

Dem chills

Probably the only moment from this year that floored me anywhere close to as much as episode seven of Samurai Flamenco (which I’ll probably write something on eventually) was hearing this ending theme for the first time. There was nothing quite like that feel when an episode of Aku no Hana would conclude all cliffhanger like and that eerie noise would start to creep in. Overall, I do fault Aku no Hana for artificially lengthening scenes where fuck all was going on (especially the 7 minutes of walking, I got that the show just wanted to let this scene that preceded it sink in, but come on man, overkill much?) just so we could arrive at said cliffhangers, but during those final moments that accompany many episodes, all is forgiven. The best use of this song would probably have to be the last scene of episode 12, where Kasuga takes forever to open the door to Nakamura’s room. Following that was essentially 7 days of me going “OMG what’s gonna happen?”, never mind how the lameness of the ending disappointed me more then anything else this year, since I was hoping for more then just “lol read teh mangoes” and a clip show of stuff we’ll probably never get  to see rotoscoped. Damn that was annoying, gonna end this post here before I can rage any further.

Might as well toss in the ED in question too


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