12 Days of Anime 4: The Galileo (Mis)Trial


It seems as if Galilei Donna heard that I thought Aku no Hana had the worst ending of the year and that Coppelion is the most disappointing clusterfuck of the season…..and wasn’t satisfied with that.

I had a falling out with Galilei Donna at some point during the middle of the season as a result of the fun adventurous aspects of the series being shafted for boring, forced character development/drama and forgettable episodic storytelling.The real killer though was that extremely slow and tedious Time Travel arc that only served to somehow make an incestual time-travel storyline horribly boring. Worst part was that it was needlessly long and relied on excess emotional dialogue to fill time that could’ve been used to gear up for an epic of a finale and it was all for naught. What we get with Galilei Donna is having literally everything being left for the final episode due to all the airtime wasted on dicking about, so it was obvious that this finale wasn’t gonna be very good from a writing standpoint. Still that’s no reason to not get a bit excited since as I said, this show did once have the ingredients for an entertaining ride at least. I wanted more mech goldfish fighting, more Roberto shooting sprees, more of the Ferrari sisters getting chased in their aircraft. If it was gonna end messily, it could’ve been, you know, a fun mess at least.

The Writers: Oh you want cool stuff? Nah man trials, Galileo trials are where it’s at.Image

What the fuck is a “Galileo trial”? the funny part about this particular screenshot is that this dude brings it up as if it’s a normal part of the judicial system. What takes place next is completely maddening. A series of ridiculous logic and convoluted explanations that seemed as if they were pulled from thin air ensued. It pretty much handled it’s twists as well as the final episode of Master of Martial Hearts did in it’s final episode. I see the trial itself as nothing more then an attempt to debrief the viewers on a bunch of unforeshadowed twists that occurred while we were watching the boring adventures of the Ferrari sisters. What really sucked was the time wasted on silly dialogue that has no place in court, like Sylvia coming along and saying “I’m there mother=they are innocent”, really? What kind of judge wouldn’t bring down the gavel on that bullshit line of reasoning? The entire trial is resolved by a single piece of evidence too which essentially screams Deus ex Machina. Oh yeah, Roberto kills his pops after the trial and gets arrested, but that was just so bloody random that it felt like a cheap excuse to write him out of the story. The worst part is that this wasn’t even the entertaining sort of dumb I was looking forward too, and maybe the kangaroo court direction this show went in could’ve been funny if it ended in a way similar to how Seinfeld ended. What a shame.


Pfft, there was nothing Fine about this


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