12 Days of Anime Day 3: Grim x Dark

Hunter X Hunter - 80-6[2]

Hunter x Hunter is the show I wish I got to watch growing up on a morning block. Spoiler shots abound.I find it curious how Hunter x Hunter got to keep it’s morning block (with plenty of kids watching mind you) as long as it did. In this last arc alone, well, here’s a picspam of stuff we’ve been treated to since the Ant arc got started.

Hunter X Hunter - 82 -4

Pet humans

Hunter X Hunter - 82 -19[2]

Brutal decapitations abound

Hunter X Hunter - 91 - Large 07



What did I tell ya?

This show has a thing for brutal decapitations I say. I didn’t even use all of the examples of this.

What’s wrong? Cat got your brain?

why Togashi? Ponzu was my favorite HxH girl

There’s also the matter of the wonderfully told backstory of the former NGL drug kingpin/despotic ruler that I ripped the header shot from. Probably ¬†one of the better examples from the series as to why it’s better then most titles when it comes to be thoroughly alarming. I can’t ¬†really think of a better way to portray the bleakness and misery of Gyro’s childhood then the lack of color in the background. Unfortunately, since the anime opted not to cover the last bit of his tale yet, so I can’t say much else without getting a little spoilery. Still, the question remains, while having a grim backstory of how a young boy was abused emotionally and physically to the point where he lost faith in humanity and became a tyrant is cool and all (I guess knowing that no one loves you does that to folks), what does it have to do with the plot at hand? It was kind of randomly chucked in and there hasn’t been references to the dude since then. It’s a plot-point we’ve been waiting on for a while, so it wouldn’t surprise me people forgot all about this. Looking forward to seeing how this will be tied back into the story, I’m sure y’all non-manga readers won’t see it coming.

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