12 Days of Anime Day 2: Into Oblivion


After treating us to a rather cheesy final confrontation filled with HOPE, it’s a little ironic how this was the ending Danganronpa had in tow for us.

Probably one of the more bizarre endings from this year. The last episode tells that the world outside Hope’s Peak Academy all along. We never actually get to see the outside world itself, asides from some scenes we see on a TV monitor……oh snap, a Monokuma revolution! Anyway, turns out that the kids have been cooped up in the academy for a couple years and had a good time till their memories were wiped and were forced into a death game by some crazy twin broads, one of them being much crazier then the other. Weird thing about the ending was that Junko’s final challenge to the kids meant that if they were they’d either have to sell out Naegi to ensure their survival, or have Junko execute herself, thus stopping the air purifier that keeps everyone safe from the toxic poillutants of the outside world (set up to stop working should Junko die). It’s pretty much a damned if you-do-damned-damned-if-don’t scenario for Naegi, but he still manages to rally together his remaining classmates to defeat Junko with vague notions of “hope” which really don’t hold up very well in a post-apocalyptic reality.

It’s a pretty silly ending, and like the rest of the show, takes a bit cognitive dissonance for me to not dislike with all the weird logic and unexplained stuff going on. I mean really, what can Super Duper High School Hope do against a toxic atmosphere and a giant Monokuma?

PS: Here’s a link to that Danganronpa Abridged Thing, it’s pretty good if you ask me