12 Days of Anime Day 1: Evangelion is the Gift that Keeps on Giving


I had a number of other #1 contenders for this spot, none of them were very nice and I’d hate to end this on a negative note.I’m not really one to invest time in rewatching anime to tell the truth, I have it tough enough finding time to watch my simulcasting titles and time spent watching something I already saw could be spent on something that’s been rotting in my backlog for ages. Neon Genesis Evangelion is the exception to that rule though. Reason being my that it’s my bro’s favorite title and I always used to join him on his rewatches. Never got the appeal of something that reveled somewhat navel-gazey dialogue and had such godawful budget-prioritization. Wasn’t until I got my hands on the DVDs this year that, I just you know, worked with me.

Not even sure how to do justice to my feelings about this thing in such a tiny post. In short, it works pretty darn well as a simple-at-it’s core coming of age tale that uses giant mechs with great, original designs, and a has a geneuinely intriguing backdrop. Said backdrop didn’t get the focus it deserves in the original ending, but I personally loved the messy, cathartic clusterfuck of an ending that the movie provided. I even went as far as to watch End of Evangelion twice in the same day, the second time being with the audio commentary (it was pretty cool watching it that way too, but I sweat those guys had ridiculously convoluted explanations for the smallest of details).

And in case you haven’t noticed, I decided to use my Gravatar to honor my favorite genocidal romantic/DAD OF THE YEAR ALL YEARS and have no plans of changing it.


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