So…that Liebster Award

Not how I imagined ending my blogging hiatus, but sure, I’ll bite.So yeah, recently one of my bloggin’ bros passed a torch on to me to get me into this weird metablogging thing. The idea here is to have a bunch of blogs with 200 or less followers lend each other a hand up by linking each other and passing out silly questions. Basically it goes like this

1. Link the guy/gal who nominated.

2. Answer the 11 questions they gave you

3. Nominate the 11 bloggers of your choice and give them 11 questions pf your choice

4. Go let those bloggers know what you did

11 Questions as provided by Deadlight:

1.If you could fight crime (or reign terror) with any anime character, who would it be and why?
Terror with General Vamp

2.What is one trope in the story-telling medium (outside of animu) that drives you up the wall

Dumb villains, the sort you’ll find in just about every action flick ever. I’m talking about the guys who have our heroes at gun-point, but instead of shooting, spout exposition. What do these guys have to lose from just finishing them off? What’s more is that this mistake almost always costs them their lives. Lame.

3. How easily are you frightened?

My brothers often have fun laughing at how easily I get startled

4. If, for an hour you could manipulate electricity to your will, what the hell would you do?

If I’m out, continually charge my phone, if not, bug the people around with static shocks.

5. Cake or pie?

Pie, cake is overhyped

6. Pirates or ninjas?

Ninjas are all flash and lack practicality. Pirates have guns, so they’re better.

7. Are you athletic?

I like to convince myself I am. Sure as hell ain’t fat, that’s for sure.

8. Mornin’ bird or night owl?

Neither, I suck with both periods

9. If you could befriend a supernatural entity, what/who would it be?

Dr. Manhattan so he can build me a castle on Mars.

10. What is the answer to life?

Accept where you are now and don’t bitch about how you got there. Life’s like a being a passenger on a horse drawn cart, you can either sit back and relax, or you can allow the cart to drag you along for the whole ride. Your still headed for the same destination either way.

11. Who sucks the least? M Night. Shyamlan, Michael Bay or Zack Snyder?

Michael Bay can blow shit up better then the other two so him

My 11 Questions

1. Who do you throw your support behind in the console wars?

2. You’ve been given a choice between ending world hunger and going on a Pokemon journey. Which starter would you choose?

3. Any types of comedy that rub you the wrong way?

4. Best horror flick you ever saw? Worst one? (answer one)

5. Sequel (anime, movie, whatever) whose very existence you deny?

6. There’s a crossover between the last two fictional pieces of media you experienced. What is it? Does it suck?

7. What are you wearing?

8. Do you rewatch anime? If so, which one(s)

9. DC or Marvel?

10. That one movie/anime you’re into, but everyone else seems to hate?

11. Are you good at math?

And now my nominees:

1. Ogiue Maniax: I’m an Ogiue Maniac too

2. The Limit of Questions: Hasn’t been in top blogging form recently, but I hope this isn’t asking too much of her.

3. Omonomono: Say it ten times fast

4. EmptyBlue: I’m making a contract with him with this nomination.

5. Chikorita157’s Anime Blog: We dig different stuff as far as anime’s concerned, but I can’t deny that he’s got a good writing style.

That’s all I can think of for now, since just about every other blogger I want to nominate has already been nominated. Any other bloggers who come across this post can let me know if they wanna take part in this, that’s cool with me.


One thought on “So…that Liebster Award

  1. Various answers:
    2. CHARMANDER!!!
    3. I don’t care too much, but the main characters being total dicks tends to throw me off.
    5. FMA Shamballa movie. Good grief.
    6. Hunter x Hunter x JoJo. I imagine it would be the epitome of awesome.
    7. Underpants.
    8. Nah, not really. Tried rewatching NHK and Hyouka but didn’t work when I could remember everything that was going to happen.
    10. Kokoro Connect 😛
    11. Wtf is math? It’s maths dammit.

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