15 Favorite Anime Openings

Compiling this list was not at all easy let me tell you. But it was the only idea I had for a post at the time. Thought 15 would be enough, but the fact that great openings like the ones for Paranoia Agent, Baccano! and .hack//SIGN show that just ain’t the case. Also didn’t bother to include intros to shows I haven’t seen at least some of, otherwise the 2nd GITS: SAC intro and something from Blood+ would be here. Also some openings got shafted since I hadn’t a clue what to say about them. Might edit this list if that changes. Also, my apologies if this list lags your computer.

15: Bleach: Astericks

This opening serves as a reminder of the days when Bleach consisted of fun semi-episodic adventures in Karakura Town, rather then convoluted plots, filler and samurais flash stepping all over the place to save on the animation budget. Also, asides from that one scene were Ichigo’s hacking down no named samurai, the opening doesn’t really look or sound like one you’d get from a lengthy shonen. Also, the characters are as stylish as hell here.

14. Gundam Wing: Just Communication

I hardly remember Gundam Wing, but damn this opening is nostalgic! So much so that I often found myself humming it long after forgetting which show it belongs to. Oh and the use of sound effects from the Gundams fighting is a cool touch.

13. Death Note: What’s up, people?!

After 25ish episodes of decent, but generic J-Pop, this opening comes along and punches you right in the eardrums with it’s mad, blaring lyrics. It’s visuals are awesome and just as WTF as the vocals too, and is the singer yelling profanities out in the last 20 seconds? A surprising assault on the ears in the best way possible.

12. Buso Renkin: Crimson Oath

Couldn’t be bothered to watch more then four episodes of Buso Renkin, but the only reason why I could get even that far was the wonderful chorus to this opening.

Owowo wowo
Owowo wowo
Da dadada da da

11. Hunter x Hunter: The Sun Shines at Night

I love how unabashedly dark and gloomy this intro is, the singer himself sounds depressed out of his mind, and the instrumentals compliment this perfectly. Excellent way to segue into the Yorkshin arc. Shame that my DVDs for this omitted this intro.

10. Gantz: Super Shooter

Alongside the sometimes brilliant dub script, this is the only merit this weak slog of an adaptation has over it’s manga counterpart. Not really much else for me to say.

9. Narutaru: Nichiyoubi no Taiyou

This opening was a sick, sick, awesomely sick joke to me. It really helps that I had no idea what this show or it’s reputation was before watching. I actually watched this one only once before deciding it was just some cute sounding kiddy fluff initially seeing as how everything was crudely drawn with crayons. Seeing it again after episode 11 was eye opening.

8. Hellsing: A World Without Logos

I have no idea what the fuck this dude is saying and I don’t care. Hell, I’m not even sure if the dude’s speaking English or not. Shoobydoobydoo Shoobydoobydoo bedoo, that is all. Hellsing Ultimate is the better show overall, but it ain’t got shit on this intro.

7. And Yet The Town Moves: Down Town

I’ve yet to finish this title, but this opening (and the fact that the show is actually good) ensure that I’ll make my eventual return to it. This has so to be the most goddamn classy opening ever devised (appropriately followed by what’s probably the least classy ending ever devised). I’m not much a fan of Shaft’s but I really dig their openings. It’s not small feat to actually be the best amongst the greats.

6. Serial Experiments Lain: Duvet

My favourite intro in English. It starts memorably with that random PRESENT DAY PRESENT TIME dude and continues with great visual direction and perfectly fitting lyrics.  I mean, come on, a song that starts with “and you don’t seem to understand” fits this anime to a T.

5. Soul Eater: Resonance

Fluidly animated and I fucking love me some TM Revolution. Not really much else to say but this was just really cool and I easily prefer it to Dark Paper Moon (another good OP mind you)

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Coda

Whilst the 1st opening had the best hot-blooded GAR lyrics since Fist of the North Star’s intro, it could have done without having early PS2 level graphics. The 2nd op instead replaces much of the CG for colorful, lively silhouettes presented with the kind of visual oomph that helped make the series such an awesome watch.

3: Cromartie High School: Innocent

An excellent compilation of the madcap zaniness of the series. It shows off the characters doing what they do best, having straight faces while random things happen onscreen. Also, having two gorillas run full pelt into each other with Freddie Mercury singing in the background should be enough to force it’s way on to any tasteful favorites list.

2. Bokurano: Uninstall

An anime title like Bokurano calls for a somber intro and this one is just about perfect from the opening ensemble chant to the very last “uninstall”. It’s the only opening that manages to squeeze tears out of my some how. Haunting and melancholic, certainly deserving of the number 2 spot

1. Great Teacher Onizuka: Driver’s High

Damn perfect. The artistic monochrome, the toilet flushing, Onizuka shooting glass in his underwear with his fingers, the fact that it looks much, much better then the show itself, all of it. L’arc en ciel is ok but this is is easily the best I’ve seen of their work being implemented. Yep, perfect.

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