12 Days of Animanga Day 9: I’m not popular, so I’m not getting a 2nd season

I might’ve forgot to include on my top list last year, but I still quite liked Watamote.

I don’t think I quite realized how much I missed this show till this OVA finally got around to coming out (and over a year after the show finished, what was with that?). Unfortunately, it seems the folks of Japan didn’t take too well to this anime as far as sales are concerned, this may have been the very last we’ll see of Tomoko’s animated escapades. The funny thing here is that Tomoko herself seems to be fully aware of this. Thus the opening scene of this OVA is an Evangelion parody which has Tomoko (as everyone’s favorite father and my favorite avatar) holding a conference with Yuu and Kii-chan how to make a 2nd season of Watamote more of a hit with otaku, with SEELE door monoliths of course. Much like what she did with herself throughout the anime, Tomoko thinks that all it takes to have a popular anime franchise is to conform to certain cliches that readily eaten up by the philisti-er…otaku. Of course this would include transforming every one of them into stereotypes who aren’t allowed to hook up with dudes and some forced homosexual relationships. Of course in doing all of this, the series would cease to be of anything of value to me. Watamote is about watching a the rials of someone who does their darndest to establish social connections and drop the ball miserably each time. It’s not where you come to find something to beat off too, or to enjoy empowerment fantasy. Poor old Mokocchi holds contempt for all the “anime-watching tards” who value such things over what other shows (liker her own) have to offer. This scene pretty much serves a commentary on Tomoko herself, as everything that’s shown and said during this pre-opening sketch of the episode speaks to her insecurities, how she hates both herself and others. The fact that she’s delusional over her own standing in the world ultimately makes her miserable at every turn (in this case, she’s delusional as she speaks as if a second season is actually in the cards when the sales of the 1st suggest otherwise). Kii-chan eventually wakes up Tomoko to smell the coffee. “It’s over”, the show bombed. Watamote will never be a popular anime. I guess this bit of a meta-humor (along with the rest of the OVA) will be the last time we’ll see reality slap Tomoko’s delusions of grandeur square in the face. Better that then to see it suddenly morph into something it isn’t.



2 thoughts on “12 Days of Animanga Day 9: I’m not popular, so I’m not getting a 2nd season

  1. Wasn’t Watamote popular only in the West anyway? I remember when the first chapters were posted to 4chan’s /a/, how anons were loving it and at the same time cringing at it. How they rooted for Tomoko, or were like IT’S SO ABOUT ME! I even remember some of them importing the first volume despite not knowing Japanese, only to boost sales. And then, ofcourse, then there were those dick pics.
    Aaand then I stopped reading new chapters of any manga due to a personal tragedy, and never touched the anime. Looks like this OVA is a new material, so maybe it’s time to watch the animated Tomoko. At least she had her anime, Junketsu no Maria will have hers as well, but Fran Madaraki never ;_;

    • Not really sure if it’s worth watching the anime after reading the manga. On one hand it was adapted very very well, on the other you may be left wanting more which isn’t cool.

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