12 Days of Animanga Day 8: Hellsing Ultimately Disappoints (spoilers)

That feel when you’ve waited years to see the end of a sanguine epic, only to not have it be as awesome as you hoped.

My stance on the whole “subs vs dubs” question is this: I love watching things in my own language, but I’ve long a go resigned myself to the fact that in most casesĀ  the Japanese dub will suit an anime better. That said, when I finally see a dub that actually outstrips the Japanese version for whatever reason I will not only watch it that version, but I will go out of my way to do so. This is what happened with those Black Lagoon OVAs released last year, and more recently with the last couple of episodes of Hellsing Ultimate. With Hellsing, I had been anticipating the release of the last couple of episodes for a full 2 years after the fansubs were released (and even longer since completing the 2nd boxset) so it sorta of made sense that I’d walk in with a bit of a “this better be good” attitude when it came time to complete the series last month. Results were kinda mixed. The thing that got me in the end was the fact that such little content was spread over nearly 1 hours with the last 2 OVAs. Really, did we need that much time to wrap up the Lezte Battalion? The result was a load of foot-dragging and bits of repetitive dialogue. This was more of an issue with the 10th episode, which had lengthy monologues of philosophy from the Major where a couple of sentences would’ve sufficed. Time that would have been better used to flesh out Walter and his motivations (something I hear The Dawn does, but that didn’t come with this set) is completely wasted since it’s apparently more interesting to see The Major cackle on about how being mortal makes him awesome, or Alucard cackling about how much stronger he is than the turncoat butler.

The execution of a certain plot-point felt a bit messy as well. Of course I’m talking about how the Cheshire cat-boy Schrodinger entrapped Alucard in some bizarre paradox (which is only briefly explained and certainly feels like a “just go with it moment”). Since that was the crux of The Major’s plan that he had waited decades to implement, you’d think it carry some what right? Well not really, since Alucard simply powers out of this ordeal as he would with any other and comes out on the other side as being whose probably even stronger now then he was ever before. It then hit me that everything that transpired before had been essentially pointless always had more then enough power to deal with literally all of it. I always knew that Alucard was a walking deus ex machina since we first saw him swallow a hail of bullets back in the 1st episode of the TV series, but this is kinda ridiculous. Hirano never even brought back his cool hat and sun-glasses combo, why? When was the last time we saw him in those anyway?


Perhaps I’m overthinking things a little here. Hellsing is still exactly what it meant to be: an unapologetic and brutal, over the top, bloodbath with guns, explosions and casualties, that’s about it. That’s what made it worth watching till the end. An end that was still better than we got with the TV anime of course.


3 thoughts on “12 Days of Animanga Day 8: Hellsing Ultimately Disappoints (spoilers)

  1. So, uh, your problems with this anime are really problems with the manga, as everything you described looks like they were incredibly faithful to the end. I like that, as I really liked the manga, and I wouldn’t change anything. Of course it was infinitely better than anime since it contained references to Jojo, unless the anime had those comedic segments with Valentine brothers as well.
    Yeah, Hirano is not a good writer, but draws nice guns and tits. And glasses. And traps, as Yoichi in Drifters shows. Now I wonder if Hellsing will still be as insanely awesome as it was when I first read it? Won’t find out soon as a friend borrowed last three volumes recently :<

  2. I’m a the ninth episode right now, and so far it’s been a real chore watching it man. It really is “unapologetic and brutal, over the top, bloodbath with guns, explosions and casualties”, which I thought was going to make it super dope in the beginning, but it definitely disappointed. Perhaps it’s because I was expecting this cool rawness that’s reminiscent of Black Lagoon (which I really fancied).

    Btw, cool blog dude.

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