12 Days of Animanga Day 7: Sit Down

Sit down.

So I ended up loving Samurai Flamenco guys. Episode 18 managed to bean excellent way to cap off Samurai Flamenco’s psychotic breakdown that began when a drugged up dude transformed into an execution device simian. The only place for the show to go after having Masayoshi defeat the Ultimate Prime Minister is for him to have a one on one with the amalgamation of 5 billion aliens who want to bring about their version of Human Instrumentality and punch their gobs into far reaches of the galaxy. Sure, and why not throw in a ludicrously simple explanation for Flamen-er…Flamewenco and a random Eromanga factoid? The episode did go ahead reveal the cause behind all the madness too. All of the silly events that transpired turned out to be Masayoshi’s desires modeled his juvenile fantasies by n omnipotent entity. I was thinking that everything that took place thus far had happened on some metaphysical realm of existence that was divorced from reality, but nope. All real. It’s a simple Haruhiesque twist, but the delivery of said twist was brilliantly hilarious. It’s stuff like this that has me thinking that anyone who believes Samurai Flamenco is “terribad” is flat out wrong. Flamenco was always rather silly, it never gave off the vibe that this was going to be some serious exploration of a home grown vigilante. I think anyone who is disappointed for what could have been needs to take that elsewhere, there’s plenty of things that were exactly what you wanted out of Flamenco, and there’s “only one and number one” of what Samurai Flamenco actually turned out to be.

Samurai Flamenco, GOODBYE.


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