12 Days of Animanga Day 6: Wasn’t the biggest fan of Noragami but I could use more of it

The thing that ultimately screwed the show for me was it’s lack of actual content.Noragami is far from what I would consider a bad show as it was one of the only shows of it’s season I had the patience to not abandon at some point. That said, it was fairly hyped compared to much of the other show and at the end of the day I have trouble seeing why since their honestly isn’t much to the show as is. There isn’t much to take away from the show asides from it being essentially an introduction with some monster killing and the helping of wayward souls, much like the beginning of Bleach. That’s not a particularly bad thing to do mind you, but the show goes ahead and exhausts a quarter of it’s runtime on Yukine’s arc. It was pretty hard to feel bad for the kid considering how he stole a donation box from a bunch of orphans while slowly killing his friend. The problem here was a lack of communication, since Yato waited till he was at the point of being killed by Yukine’s sins before anything got done about it. The way it all climaxed was fairly unrealistic too, considering how Yukine swears to never blight Yato with a sin again. Which includes everything all the way down to having dirty thoughts about Hiyori. Is it even possible for a teenager to become a Saint that quickly?

Moving on, the show didn’t become any better. From what I understand, at this point the manga entered a major story arc, but that wouldn’t be possible for the anime, which only had three episodes left. Pretty obvious that filler would need to be inserted. The answer from the writing staff was to completely cannibalize the Jin-E storyline from Rurouni Kenshin but with the addition of a dumb amnesia plot-point tossed. It’s one of those arcs that has to stay withing the status quo since nothing asides from resetting to the default settings would leave room for a second season. It’s better then trying to construct an ending for a show that never had much of a story to begin with, but it doesn’t help the show tension-wise much at all. Some bad dude named Rabo with all the charisma of a picket fence finds Yato and wonders why he isn’t the awesome killing machine he once knew, kidnaps Hiyori (who gets degraded to this passive amnesiac waifu at this point) to try to convince Yato to return to being the cool God who used to kill stuff. They Kung-fu fight, Yato gets a power- friendship-boost, good guys win, Hiyori gets her memories back, the end. Meh.

Now that it’s over, at least no harm was done by the lame filler arc. The fact that Bones left the story intact hints at the possibility of a second season. Maybe we’ll get a story with a bit more bite the 2nd time around.

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