12 Days of Animanga Day 5: Thoughts on the Stardust Crusaders hype backlash


I had a feeling I’d end up writing this post ever since the sequel to the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 2012 series was announced

It was pretty easy for me to tell that any excitement towards Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders from fans of the anime franchise wouldn’t prove to be good for many. The reason being that coming into arc 3 of the series with the expectations of arc 2 qualities would be somewhat of a jarring experience. The fact of the matter is that Stardust ushered in really big changes for the franchise too suddenly, changes that it never really backtracks on. It’s not just the shift in the type of battles that goes down, there’s also the matter of having the amount of what some detractors would consider “dead-time” increase exponentially. Like it or not, what we essentially have here are two entirely different titles, machismo and visual style aside. And given how high  the bar was set by Joseph Joestar as a protagonist, Araki didn’t even bother trying to surmount it with Jotaro. Considering only the 1st half that aired thus far, Stardust Crusaders has proven itself to be an inferior product to it’s predecessor (from what I recall from the manga, the second half of the manga was an improvement, but there was still much of the same). With all that said, it’s pretty easy to see why folks feel a bit cheated by this new iteration of the animated franchise. It’s easy to sympathize with these folks sure, but empathy? Nah. Yes, I did admit that the 2nd season was worse then the 1st, but I was never expecting any better. It might seem easy and obvious that someone who’s read the series would say this, but I’m referring to the manga here as well. Stardust Crusaders was the very 1st installment of the series I had ever read since it’s the only one available in English at the time. I wasn’t expecting anything along the lines of Nazi-Cyborgs, fun, wise-cracking protagonist or super-quick pacing. Stardust Crusaders was able to entertain me to the point where I’d want to check out more of the story lines in the series, but was never good enough to set my expectations for said past “reasonably high”. Because of how I experienced the series, I say that watching/reading Stardust Crusaders is a perfectly viable way to get into the series. Yeah sure, doing it that way would spoil the outcome of the 1st 2 arcs, but who cares? I always looked at those two stories as extended flashbacks rather then anything else.

Gonna end this post with some Eyes of Heaven hype. I wonder If I should import this like I did with the last Jojo PS3 game (I had no idea North American licensers would take a chance on it)? Some new characters that I expected to see in the first game are now included along with tag teams. Looks pretty much entirely different then the previous Jojo game though. The ability to freely move around large 3D environments seems pretty reminiscent of the Naruto Ninja Storm games. Arena brawlers aren’t quite my cup of tea any more so let’s see if this can fix that


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