12 Days of Animanga/Cartoons Animated Overseas for Western Audiences Day 4: Before we all forget The Boondocks Season 4, let me remind you how lame it was

Never thought I’d see the day where I’d actually be happy to find out a season of The Boondocks got cut short. That’s where the 4th Season has brought me unfortunately.For those of you who are unfamilliar, The Boondocks is an animated sitcom that skews mainly African American culture amongst other things, and is by far the best thing to ever fit that description (what competition is there? The Cleveland Show? pffft). However this post, isn’t here to glorifie the show as a whole, so much as it is an airing of grievances aimed towards the newest season. Y’see, when Aaron MacGruder (the guy who wrote the comic strips from which the series was based off of and wrote the 1st 3 seasons)  left the series, it turns he took all of most of what made it good with him. What we got this year was hollow shell that was hardly better then your average animated sitcom. Whatever, poignant and  important social commentary that the 1st 3 seasons left us with has been hollowed out and replaced with a surprisingly dull husk. A husk made out of rehashed storylines and plots that feel like they were torn out of your average BET schlock. The focus of the series also gets narrowed down to a disappointing degree. Whereas the the 1st 3 seasons gave ample screen-time to a great side cast, this one hones in on the Freemans, specifically Robert, and a plotline detailing their attempts to make ends meet that goes nowhere. It grew pretty tiresome seeing conflict after conflict being a result of Robert digging his own grave by being a greedy moron.

It feels like a cheap copy of of what came before since it maintains a similar framework compared to previous seasons (this years premier was essentially a cross-rehash of the R.Kelly and Usher episodes). All that’s left here that really kept lived up to expectations is the above average action scenes. The Stinkmeaner episode was probably the best thing to come out the new season, but even then it was the only one to not be better then the one that came before it (not entirely fair though, since the Hateocracy episode set the bar ridiculously high). But being the best amidst such a tepid selection of episodes is faint praise indeed. Can’t help but question whether or not venturing into a 4th season was worth it in the long run. Oh well, maybe Black Jesus will be worth the sacrifice of the best black animated sitcom ever. One can hope right?


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