12 Days of Animanga Day 3: Suddenly Aliens


Aliens aren’t specifically what I wanted to talk about with this post, but this image is good example of all the nonsense that went down in the last two episodes of Brynhildurr in the Derpness.

Let me make it clear Brynhildr was never a good show before those disastrous final episodes. As if beginning as a poorly written sci-fi horror story wasn’t bad enough, it completely destroys any oppurtunity it had it being taken seriously by exhausting much of its running time with unsinspired harem antics and fanservice. Where things really get dumb is episode 12, by which it was apparent that the show would never have a chance at even a semi coherent ending without a second season to spread out it’s material. Instead the series opts to make an awkward, plot- mad dash towards a finaleby condensing literally dozens of chapters of it’s source material. Now all of a sudden the big bads arrive at the doorsteps of our harem’s hideout (something they could’ve done much earlier in the series mind you) to kidnap big-boobed stuttering girl since she apparently has the power to destroy all of humanity. Then comes some ridiculous twists that seem to have been ripped out of Giorgio Tsoukalos’ stream of consciousness. The show then tosses in a twist regarding how Neko and Valkyria are sisters (with nary an attempt to develop their relationship or give any meaning to the twist) at the last minute during their final showdown. Good guys win, some characters that died are revived offscreen oh and Neko has amnesia once again just so we can have a harem ending.

Between this and Elfen Lied, it’s pretty safe to say that there ought to be a restraining order placed between studio ARMS and anything written by Lynn Okamoto.


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