12 Days of Animanga Day 1: A Christmas just like any other day


TheĀ  Christmas song in the sixth episode of Ping Pong served a worthy purpose. That purpose was to juxtapose the feelings of loneliness and stress that can come with the choice to pursue far off goals, with the typical values that come with the yuletide season (strengthening/establishing connections with loved ones). The thing here is that Ping Pong isn’t a Christmas story, even an important holiday like this isn’t quite enough to make the characters peer off track for a moment. Dedicating attention in mind body and soul to a single cause 24/7 requires removing attention from other aspects of life. Ironically the only one truly opens up here is the singer Kong Wenge, previously made out to be the most hardass of hardasses since he seemed to have the most riding on his success as a player. Thing is, he’s already learned how to compromise between achieving his aspirations and those closest to him. It’s honesty that comes from Kong’s lyrics paired up with the everyday difficulties of other cast members that make this Christmas karaoke both sad to watch and beautiful to listen to simultaneously. One of the emotional high-points for both Ping Pong and anime in general this year.

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