12 Days of Anime Day 1: The best 2015 show you aren’t watching


Wew, really could never have guessed I’d ever be writing this post at the start of the season.

Yes, it’s that other anime dealing with the social status of superhumans that aired this season, and at this rate, it’ll easily end up being my preferred of the two. Concrete Revolutio ended up being a huge come-from-behind victory for me after an awfully planned out mess of a premier. I continued passed that 1st episode expecting a Shou Aikawa disaster that could match something like that blasted Eureka Seven sequel no one wanted, yet as it turns out what was holding that premier back was the fact that it overburdened itself by having both an introduction, an episodic quest, and foreshadowing for future events all at once. With that introduction out of the way, the episodes afterward are far less clusterfucky whilst retaining the same visual and storytelling style you that didn’t mesh in the premier, except the show was able to make it all work. The reason for this is that even though the timeline is still jumbled up, it isn’t completely random. It sort of does a cut and paste across the timeline, taking all or most of the pieces relevant to a certain subject and  sticking them together. It can certainly be a taxing watch since I always get the feeling that I can’t relax out of fear of missing something, but the script is engaging without being too overtly obtuse for my liking. With just about every episode, I feel like I’ve come away from the crazy setting with a better understanding for how it works and why it will end up the way it does in the future. Whilst the characters as individuals don’t leave me with much to say, I do appreciate the ways in which Jiro’s stance regarding the superhuman bureau slowly becomes better substantiated with each piece any given episode provides. You want a show with voice? Concrevo’s is the loudest I’ve seen in quite some time. Not only that but it has a lot of things to say to the point where I’ll probably end up rewatching it before the start of the 2nd cour.  However, I don’t expect the 2nd cour to follow up on the promise of the 1st as much as I hope it does since it’s still entirely possible for this souffle to collapse into a doughy mess. Gen Urobutchi is somewhat involved with the continuation after all, and I haven’t seen anything that he’s touched besides Fate/Zero that didn’t turn to utter shit by the end of it all.

Looking forward to following up on my thoughts with this one next year.

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