Aldnoah.Zero Review: Just watch Gundam

One thing as an anime fan I’ve never really been able to get into is the idea that a single name behind a project can generate hype. I think it’s better to prioritize looking at the scenario, and the studio’s track record first and foremost as opposed to getting excited because of the reputation of one individual. Of course that “one individual” in this case just so happens to be one of the most controversial writers in the business to date, Gen Urobuchi. I’m not really here to get into my personal stance on Urobuchi obviously, though If I was to be honest with you, I am for the most pretty indifferent to his output. So I wasn’t necessarily excited to hear that this was his brainchild nor was it much of a cause of alarm to hear he jumped ship. Considering how the quality of Gargantia and the Psycho-Pass franchise suffered after he handed those off (and not to mention the fact that the guy who took his place was the same dude who brought us Boku no Pico AKA everyone’s favorite meme recommendation) perhaps some serious red flags should’ve been raised. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. After an OK start, the writing really unravels itself into complete oblivion in the most uninteresting way imaginable.

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Winter Weeks 2 and 3

From now on these posts of mine will only highlight the shows that give me the most to talk about. If I skip out on something, it’s safe to say my general opinion of it hasn’t really gone anywhere.
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