Shiki Review: Attack of the Bed Heads

Shiki originally came out during a time which vampire related media was on somewhat of an upswing content as a result of a certain novel/film series that was maligned by pretty much everyone who wasn’t a female aged 13 or under. It received much praise for going against the trend set by the accursed franchise by presenting a more classic take on vampire lore with an attempt to weave in some questions regarding the ethics of taking lives. That means premise-wise you can safely rest assured knowing at least what Shiki has to offer is more Salem’s Lot with Higurashi vibes and less Vampire Knight or Twilight.

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Aldnoah.Zero Review: Just watch Gundam

One thing as an anime fan I’ve never really been able to get into is the idea that a single name behind a project can generate hype. I think it’s better to prioritize looking at the scenario, and the studio’s track record first and foremost as opposed to getting excited because of the reputation of one individual. Of course that “one individual” in this case just so happens to be one of the most controversial writers in the business to date, Gen Urobuchi. I’m not really here to get into my personal stance on Urobuchi obviously, though If I was to be honest with you, I am for the most pretty indifferent to his output. So I wasn’t necessarily excited to hear that this was his brainchild nor was it much of a cause of alarm to hear he jumped ship. Considering how the quality of Gargantia and the Psycho-Pass franchise suffered after he handed those off (and not to mention the fact that the guy who took his place was the same dude who brought us Boku no Pico AKA everyone’s favorite meme recommendation) perhaps some serious red flags should’ve been raised. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. After an OK start, the writing really unravels itself into complete oblivion in the most uninteresting way imaginable.

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Completely Random Anime Review: Pandora Hearts

Every now and then you come across an anime with all the right tools for success but ends up having to fight an uphill battle against unfortunate surrounding factors. Take a manga that’s nowhere near complete, hand it off to a studio with an unimpressive track record, and what do you get? Well, honestly now that I think about it, a lot of adaptations of manga/LNs/VNs/novels fit this criteria, but today I’ll be highlighting yet another unfortunate case in Pandora Hearts. An anime with a compelling backdrop but not a clue as to how to handle it in the long run. Whilst the show may have come out half-baked, I’d be remiss to leave out mention of its solid foundation

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Completely Random Anime Review: Brigadoon: Marin and Melan

Synopsis: Marin Asagi is an easygoing junior high school girl with a chipper attitude and an adoptive family that is as large as it is loving. Her easygoing lifestyle is drastically shaken when a bizarre mirage is seen in the sky above the entire earth. An extraterrestrial known as a Monomakia arrives from a world called Brigadoon and attempt to hunt down poor Marin. As she attempts to escape from her other worldly pursuer, she discovers a blue bottle within a shrine. The bottle contains Melan Blue, a gun toting, sword-wielding Monomakia who is on a mission to protect Marin his own kind. Marin Melan together must deal with not only otherworldly foes, but with the resulting social stigma and family crises that come as a result having to fight off the Monomakia threat.

Simply put, it’s a show that’s all over the fucking place and I kinda love it for that.

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Completely Random Anime Review: [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

I’ve never really been one to get excited for noitaminA titles like others do. I’ve yet to see most of the titles from that block and the only one that comes anywhere near to being a favorite of mine as of now is Usagi Drop (failed to get into The Tatami Galaxy, will try again eventually). So somehow I had a strong feeling beforehand that [C] wouldn’t live up to the promise of it’s intriguing backdrop. Continue reading