Completely Random Anime Review: Brigadoon: Marin and Melan

Synopsis: Marin Asagi is an easygoing junior high school girl with a chipper attitude and an adoptive family that is as large as it is loving. Her easygoing lifestyle is drastically shaken when a bizarre mirage is seen in the sky above the entire earth. An extraterrestrial known as a Monomakia arrives from a world called Brigadoon and attempt to hunt down poor Marin. As she attempts to escape from her other worldly pursuer, she discovers a blue bottle within a shrine. The bottle contains Melan Blue, a gun toting, sword-wielding Monomakia who is on a mission to protect Marin his own kind. Marin Melan together must deal with not only otherworldly foes, but with the resulting social stigma and family crises that come as a result having to fight off the Monomakia threat.

Simply put, it’s a show that’s all over the fucking place and I kinda love itĀ for that.

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Ranking the Anime of 2013 that Didn’t Suck

The 2013 year of anime was a rather interesting one for me. Reason being that it’s the first full year I’ve spent actually watching episodes of stuff the day the subs come out. It also threatened to be the last one since the start of the year felt so bland to me that I only managed to latch on to a couple of non-sequels that quickly turned out to be pretty sucky as well. That said, the year managed to pull up it’s bootstraps more and more towards the end and shot out some really memorable titles. For the sake of this list though, since it’s my very first yearly roundup, I’ll include everything that I saw and liked regardless of whether or not it started in 2013, just so long as it had episodes airing this year. Continue reading