Completely Random Anime Review: Brigadoon: Marin and Melan

Synopsis: Marin Asagi is an easygoing junior high school girl with a chipper attitude and an adoptive family that is as large as it is loving. Her easygoing lifestyle is drastically shaken when a bizarre mirage is seen in the sky above the entire earth. An extraterrestrial known as a Monomakia arrives from a world called Brigadoon and attempt to hunt down poor Marin. As she attempts to escape from her other worldly pursuer, she discovers a blue bottle within a shrine. The bottle contains Melan Blue, a gun toting, sword-wielding Monomakia who is on a mission to protect Marin his own kind. Marin Melan together must deal with not only otherworldly foes, but with the resulting social stigma and family crises that come as a result having to fight off the Monomakia threat.

Simply put, it’s a show that’s all over the fucking place and I kinda love itĀ for that.

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