Wolfsmund Review: A parade of pointless sadism? Or a fine piece of revisionist fiction?

As far as titles set in the Middle Ages (or whatever fantasy settings that mirror that period) go, there’s no denying that the bar for many has been set incredibly high. Such a time period, of course, embodies the idea “life sure ain’t fair, the fuck are you gonna do about it”. These stories involving folks that have to flounder about to in order to overcome harsh environments and extreme oppression tend to offer plenty of room¬†for character arcs paved in blood and guts. Stories like ¬†Vinland Saga, Berserk, Vagabond, etc all easily satisfy those looking for well-drawn violence and well-handled characters so it would make sense to expect much from Wolfsmund as well (which happens to have been written by one of Kentaro Miura’s assistance during his lengthy breaks). I can’t say Wolfsmund holds up in all areas as well as some of its better genre contemporaries, but there is certainly enough to make it stand out.

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