Two Sides of the Anime Industry in Girlish Number and Shirobako


Breaking into the adult labor force is hard. Doing so within the anime industry is darn brutal. Here we’ll discuss the different ways in P. A Works’ Shirobako and Diomedea’s currently airing Girlish Number present this idea and what we can take away from both.. Continue reading


A Franchise Retrospective: Macross Part 1

Shoji Kawamori’s Macross is one of the most experimental and varied franchises of it’s time. From the way it helped popularize idol culture in Japan, to its introduction of the Itano Circus. As expansive as the Macross Universe has proven to be thus far, it does have a simple formula to it all, and that’s to see how many ways you can build a story out of transforming planes, aliens, “the power of music” and love triangles. So far, the experience has been a mixed, but very intriguing one, so with all that said, here’s a rather extensive run-down of everything Macross I’ve seen thus far. Hopefully, those of you who haven’t taken the plunge into Kawamori’s crazy world will find what I have here to be helpful with regards to making an informed decision on where to start and what to watch.

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